Sunday, 20 March 2016

Tomorrow I'm off to the " Photography Show " in Birmingham with a couple of friends. Looking forward to having a good look at all the latest and greatest new camera's and camera gear that is coming out in the near future. Pentax, Nikon , Cannon ,Sony you name it they will all be there for us to have a hands on look at what they can do, they are faster smarter and soooo tempting. What could possibly go wrong just a nice day out with the guys. I really need to leave my wallet at home and take away any temptation otherwise I will be in big trouble ! But then again I have been in trouble before and I may get in trouble again it's not like I smoke, drink or gamble ! Everyone has a vice right my vice's are extra pixels , F stops and insane crazy sharp lens. I'll let you know how I get on , but just keep it between us shhhhhhh not a word ! hahaha